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Meeting Point with Nature


We have thought every detail due for you by taking into consideration of your needs. There is air conditioner, 24 hours hot water, satellite TV, mini fridge, toilet-bath, chair and coffee table in all accommodation areas.

Heart of Nature

Yenice is the greenest district of Turkey with %86 area is covered by forests.


If you need, you can ask for support from our professional guides that know the region geography.


We are at service with our meeting hall for your workshop, symposium, and business meetings.

Room Choices

We present you three kinds of bungalow choices in regards to count of guest and your comfort.


Linden Terrace hosts its guests with lots of meal variety of local cuisines.

Eco-Friendly Architecture

You can accommodate in our bungalow houses that were built by wooden while enjoying the fascinating Yenice scenery.

Heart of Nature

According to General Directorate of Forestry, Karabük is the first city of Turkey with %71 of the area is covered by forests and Yenice is the first district of Turkey with %86 of the area is covered by forests. And also, 100 hot spots were determined as urgent protect spot in regard to flora and fauna in Europe by World Wild Fund for Nature (WWF). And nine of them are in Turkey, Yenice Forests are one of the them...

This project is supported within the Small-scaled Substructure Financial Support Program for 2018 by BAKKA(Black Sea Development Agency).

Yenice Municipality is only responsible for content of this document. BAKKA or Industry and Technology Ministry cannot be unanswerable in any case.